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March 17, 2024

True Rewards, part of the iGoDirect Group, has announced its new ‘Web to Wallet’ product, enabling companies to instantly issue and provision digital prepaid cards from a website directly to Apple Pay® and Google Pay™. 

Delivered exclusively by True Rewards and the first of its kind in Australia, Web-to-Wallet creates a frictionless customer experience for rewards redemption and payment.  

With a few clicks, users can add a digital prepaid card straight to Apple or Google Pay from an email, website, or SMS. This means users no longer need to download a new app to activate a gift card, something that all gift card providers require users to do today. 

Web-to-Wallet’s inception is backed by the acceleration of mobile wallet usage post-pandemic and consumers’ preference for instant, digital payments. In the Reserve Bank of Australia’s 2023 Payments System Board report, 35% of card transactions in the June quarter were made via mobile wallets.1 

However, to add new payment options to their mobile wallets, consumers are less willing to download mobile apps that are unfamiliar to them. According to Heady’s research on mobile customer experience issues, 68.5% of users rated a 4+ level of frustration (with 5 being “extremely frustrating”) when asked to install an unfamiliar app to place an order, use a product or try a service. 2 

Pat Dalton, Founder and COO of iGoDirect, says, “At True Rewards, our mission is to make digital gifting a seamless and fully branded experience for companies and their gift recipients. We strive to be at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape, and Web-to-Wallet once again demonstrates our commitment to innovate and differentiate from the market. We believe that this is a game-changer for companies who want to take control of their brand and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Web-to-wallet is one of the newest innovations launched by iGoDirect Group since becoming a Principal Member of Visa, obtaining an issuing licence in Australia and New Zealand

Built on True Rewards, new and existing businesses on the platform will soon be able to send digital Visa gift cards with a faster and easier activation process. Web-to-Wallet can be deployed in all kinds of customer and employee rewards and loyalty programs, as well as cashback, sweepstakes and other consumer promotions.

About the iGoDirect Group  

Established in 1999, the iGoDirect Group is a rewards and promotional technology provider with end-to-end solutions in gift cards, consumer promotions and data analytics. iGoDirect has been at the forefront of direct marketing and the evolving digital landscape, leveraging its proven technologies and innovative platforms. 

Boasting tens of thousands of members, iGoDirect manages YourSayPays; a platform that invites consumers to participate in surveys and competitions in return for gift cards. The company also runs Rewards Come True and True Rewards working with brands to formulate cashback, loyalty, and reward programs to buoy sales targets and contribute to consumer and employee satisfaction.  

1 https://www.rba.gov.au/publications/annual-reports/psb/2023/the-evolving-retail-payments-landscape.html 
2 https://www.heady.io/blog/market-study-mobile-customer-experience-issues-highlight-use-cases-for-ios-app-clips 

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