Digital Visa Gift Card

The True Rewards Digital Visa Gift Card is the perfect way to say  'Well done', 'Thank You', and many more. This card can be used in-store, in-app or online, wherever Visa is accepted. 

Introducing the most flexible reward

The Digital Visa Gift Card turns gifting into a 100% virtual experience for companies and gift recipients that is accessible and flexible.

Easy, instant redemption

Activate and access digital Visa cards instantly and directly via Apple or Google Wallet.

Top-of-wallet experience

Set your digital Visa card as your default payment option to ensure that your gift balance is used on time.

In-store or online

Tap and pay with your digital Visa gift cards in-store, or online by entering your card details.

Track your transactions

Use your gift card as many times as you would like and track your transactions in your wallet app.

Reward Staff

Deliver personal corporate gift cards to staff and keep them motivated by acknowledging their hard work with a gift they'll love.

Client & Customer Gifts

Further promote your business, reward loyal clients, attract new customers or increase re-engagement.

Competition Prizes

With a choice from the very best retailers, delivering prizes to competition winners is super easy, secure and cost-effective.

Incentives & Research

Easily reward large volumes of participants instantly and capture accurate data by incentivising participants with rewards.

How It Works

We remove the hassle of gift giving by bringing sophisticated functionality into one easy-to-use platform. Try our user-friendly gifting experience today and take the stress out of your rewards program.

Send digital Visa gift cards

Log in to True Rewards, select one of our digital Visa gift cards and input the gift recipients' details. 

Activate and access instantly

Your recipient will receive the gift card instantly or at the scheduled time via email. They will need to click on the 'Redeem gift' button in the email to activate their card.

Gift card is available in digital wallet

Your recipient accepts the T&Cs from the Card Issuer and the digital Visa gift card is pushed to Apple or Google Wallet directly.

Customise your program with branded Visa cards

Drive brand recognition and customer loyalty with a Branded Visa Card rewards program. Whether it's sales incentives, consumer promotions or employee recognition programs, branded Visa cards can elevate these programs with improved branding and customer insights.

You can also seamlessly integrate our rewards widget and APIs to send, buy and redeem rewards straight from your very own platform.

  • A 360° end-to-end solution.
  • Multiple distribution methods.
  • Fully personalised and customisable to promote your brand.

Instant access to payments from Web-to-Wallet

Instantly send digital Visa cards from True Rewards to digital wallets such as Apple Pay® and Google Pay, giving your cardholders immediate access to in-store and online payments. It's convenient, contactless and secure.

  • Digital-first experiences from redemption to spend.
  • Store your card securely in your digital wallets - it's safer than cash and physical cards.
  • Sensitive card information is tokenised, or replaced with randomly-generated numbers to protect your data.  

    Why partner with True Rewards
    Powered by the iGoDirect Group and Visa

    True Rewards, part of the iGoDirect Group, has been selected by Visa as their Principal Member, based on our 25 years of experience in gift cards and prepaid, and our mission to bring fresh innovation to the market.

    As Visa's only Principal Member in Australia's rewards and loyalty space, our specialty is helping clients unlock growth using incentives and rewards to drive employee and customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.

    Digital Visa FAQs

    How do I activate my True Rewards Gift Card?

    1. Click on the 'Access Card' link sent to you via email.  

    2. Verify that you are the card holder by providing a one-time-password (OTP) to access the card. You can verify OTP by email or mobile number.  

    3. Select 'Add to Apple Wallet' or 'Google Pay Save to Phone'. Alternatively, you can manually copy the card details into your wallet app.  

    4. Follow the prompts to add the card to your wallet and you’re ready to spend!  

    Where can I use my True Rewards Digital Visa card?

    You can use your True Rewards Digital Visa card online, in-app and in-store, wherever Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted. 

    Can I use my True Rewards Digital Visa card internationally?

    Yes, True Rewards Digital Visa cards can be used worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted. For in-store use, retailers will need to be able to accept contactless payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

    Your True Rewards card is in Australian Dollars (AUD). 

    Please note that if you use your gift card internationally:

    1. A transaction fee will be incurred and will be deducted from your card’s balance.
    2. A Visa foreign exchange conversion will be charged in the local currency.
    Are True Rewards Digital Visa cards reloadable?

    No, True Rewards Digital Visa cards are gift cards and therefore not reloadable. You can, however, use the cards as many times as you like until your balance runs out.

    I have a small balance left on my gift card. How can I use it?

    You can use your remaining balance at most retailers, online or in-store, as long as your purchase amount is lower than or equal to your remaining balance on your gift card.

    Depending on the retailer, you may be able to pay in-store using more than one payment method, allowing you to use up the remaining gift card balance.

    Are digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay secure?

    Security and privacy are at the core of digital wallets. Apple and Google use security features built-in to the hardware and software of your device to help protect your transactions. They do not store or have access to your full card details, and these are never stored on your device or shared with merchants when you use Apple or Google Pay. Merchants are only provided with your Device Account Number.

    Each transaction is authorised by your Face ID, Touch ID or the device passcode and a confirmation is displayed in the Wallet. This shows the merchant name, where and when the transaction occurred and the amount of the payment or refund.

    More information on Apple Pay security and privacy:

    More information on Google Pay security and privacy:

    Where can I use Apple Pay?

    You can use Apple Pay to make payments at any merchant where contactless payments are accepted. Simply look for the contactless symbol. You may also use Apple Pay in-app and on the web with Safari when you see the “Buy with Apple Pay” button or Apple Pay as a payment option.

    Where can I use Google Pay?

    You can use Google Pay to make payments at any merchant where contactless payments are accepted. Simply look for the contactless symbol. You may also use Google Pay in-app and on the web when you see the “Buy with Google Pay” button or Google Pay as a payment option.

    For more information on where Google Pay is accepted in-store, visit:

    What if I lose my device?

    If your device has been lost or stolen, you can prevent unauthorised payments being made with your card on Apple Pay by:

    • Remotely locking your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using the Find My app service to mark as lost. The ability to make payments on the device is suspended when it is put in Lost Mode.
    • Permanently erasing all the data on your iPhone or iPad using the Find My app service. All your card information will be deleted from the device.
    • Placing a temporary block on your physical card via True Rewards Customer Service.
    • Contacting True Rewards support to report your physical card lost or stolen.
    What are the True Rewards Digital Visa card terms and conditions?

    You can read our Digital Visa T&Cs here or at

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