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Using True Rewards

Signing up is super easy, just by using your email address and visiting our website Once your account is created, you can start shopping for eGifts instantly.

To sign up follow the below steps:

  • Visit our website
  • Click on 'Sign up'
  • Enter a few details about you
  • Click on 'Submit' and you will receive an SMS to verify your account
  • Enter your security code and you are done!

Using True Rewards

Once you have signed up for an account, you can start shopping straight away. Our gift cards are delivered to you or recipients by email so there is no delivery fee.

Follow the below steps to buy and send an eGift Card to a friend:

  1. Go to on your desktop or mobile device
  2. Sign into your account using your email
  3. Click on 'Buy eGift Cards' and select the eGift Card you'd like to buy/send
  4. Adjust the card value by using the +/- buttons and click 'Send to a Friend'
  5. Enter the details of the recipient, add a personal message and click Confirm.
  6. Review details, click 'Continue'
  7. Enter your credit card details and click 'Pay'
  8. Once you see "Card sent!", the purchase has been completed and the eGift Card has been sent to the recipient

Optional SMS Delivery
The gift can also be sent to the recipient's mobile by simply entering their mobile number. Please ensure the correct phone number is entered as SMS messages cannot be recalled.

Using True Rewards

The 'Choice' eGift Card (or the Co-branded Choice eGift Card) allows the recipient to swap their eGift to one retailer or up to 4 retailer eGift cards of their choice!

Single Straight Swap
You can swap the total eGift amount for a retailer eGift card of equal value Example: Exchange a $100 'Choice' eGift Card for a $100 Myer eGift Card.

Multi Swap (Up to 4 Retailer Cards)
Example 1: Swap a $100 'Choice' eGift Card for the selection of a $50 Myer eGift Card and a $50 Coles eGift Card, totalling $100.

Example 2: Swap a $100 'Choice' eGift Card for the selection of a $25 Coles eGift Card, a $25 JB Hi-Fi eGift Card and a $50 Rebel eGift Card, totalling $100 in face value.

Using True Rewards

You can easily schedule a delivery date of an e-gift card for a specific date and time!
On the scheduled delivery date, the eGift card will be sent to the recipient and you will be notified once they open their gift.

To schedule gift delivery on a browser:

  • Go to
  • Select eGift card, amount and click "Send to a friend"
  • Sign in (or sign up) for an account
  • Enter recipient details and personalise
  • Select 'on a specific date' for delivery

Using True Rewards

The 'Rewards Tracker' lets you track all of the eGift cards you have sent through the True Rewards platform. This includes single recipients, multiple bulk sending, any gifts sent via Widgets or via API's.

Once you login, click on ‘’Rewards Tracker’’ this will then take you to the page that shows you all of the eGift cards you have sent via email and SMS. 

Filtering by 'Status' will allow you to check the cards that are Sent,  Delivered, Opened, Failed.

Using True Rewards

Sometimes the recipient might have missed seeing the gift email in their inbox, or if you've noticed they haven't opened their gift yet, you can easily re-send their gift by following the below instructions:

  1. Login to your True Rewards business account
  2. Under the dropdown menu (top right) select "Rewards Tracker"
  3. Search for the recipient and at the very end click on the "envelope" button.
  4. They will be sent an additional reminder gift email  

Using True Rewards

Please add your new card via Payment Details if you are using a True Rewards Business account and My Account if using a True Rewards Consumer account.

Using True Rewards

To change your account information please log in to True Rewards here and edit My Account. 

  1. Select the options/drop down button next to your profile name
  2. Choose 'My Account'
  3. Here you will be able to change your email address and mobile number

To Change Phone Number:

  • Choose ‘Change Phone number’
  • An email will be sent to the account linked
  • Click on the red 'Change Mobile' button to open the browser
  • Enter in new email address and click on Update

To Change Email Address:

  • Click on  ‘Change Email address'
  • An email will be sent to your inbox with instructions
  • Click the hyperlink which will open your browser to the 'change email' page
  • Enter details to update information
  • An SMS code will be sent your mobile
  • Enter SMS code and click on 'update' to confirm

Using True Rewards

When logged into your account, click on My Account under the top-right drop-down and click on "Payment Details". You can remove your linked card from this page.

Note: You will need to link another one in replacement in order to make future purchases. 

Using True Rewards

Receiving any eGift card is super easy and safe with the True Rewards platform.

When you have received your gift via an email, follow the below steps to view and store the eGift Card safely in your digital wallet or mobile device.

  • Locate the gift email and click 'Redeem Gift'
  • The following gift page will load and you will get access to your gift.

If you have received a 'Choice' eGift Card, you can swap it for a retailer eGift Card of your choice by clicking 'Swap Now'. Or you can store the 'Choice' card for later use in your True Rewards digital Wallet by clicking 'Store in your Wallet'.

You do not need to decide the retailer that you wish to swap the 'Choice' eGift card for immediately, but keep in mind there is an expiry date for the 'Choice' eGift Cards of 3 years.

If you have received a retailer gift card such as Myer, Coles, The Good Guys, Rebel, you may do any of the following to view your eGift card at any time:

  • Store in your True Rewards digital Wallet - Store your eGift card in your wallet so that your eGift card is always safely stored in your secure wallet.
  • View and Print - You can view the card numbers and pin (optional) of your eGift Cards, and you can easily print from this screen too.
  • Download PDF - A copy of the eGift card can be saved directly to your computer in PDF format.

Important note: eGift Cards should be treated like cash.

Using True Rewards

Receiving a Choice eGift Card
To swap your Choice eGift Card for a retailer gift card, simply follow the below steps.

Swap from your True Rewards digital Wallet

  • Go to your Wallet
  • Find and click the Choice eGift Card
  • Click 'Swap Now' button
  • Select and click the retailer gift cards that you wish to swap
  • To swap, click 'Confirm'

Swap without a True Rewards digital Wallet

  • Locate your gift email and click open gift
  • Click Swap Now
  • Select and click the retailer gift card that you wish to swap
  • To swap, click Swap

Once the swap is completed, your Choice eGift Card will transform into the retailer eGift Cards you've selected. You can then store those in your Wallet for safe keeping or print them off to take in store.

Important Note :
Please choose carefully when swapping your 'Choice' eGift Card for a retailer eGift card, once the swap has been completed, it cannot be undone.

Using True Rewards

To redeem any of your eGift cards, follow the below steps.

Redeem from your True Rewards Wallet:

  1. Sign into your digital wallet via the True Rewards website
  2. Click on 'wallet' and click on the retailer eGift Card that you wish to redeem
  3. Present the eGift Card number, barcode and pin number (if required) to the cashier.

Redeem without your Digital Wallet

  1. Locate your gift email and click 'Redeem Gift'
  2. You can view and print your eGift Card by clicking 'View and Print' 
  3. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the eGift Card by clicking 'Download PDF'
  4. Present the eGift Card card number, barcode and pin number (if required) to the cashier.

No Card Numbers
Some selected eGift cards or eVouchers may not have a card number or voucher number.

Tips for scanning cards
Increasing brightness levels on your smartphone screen to assist in scanning your barcode may be helpful. If optical scanners are not available, the cashier will be required to manually enter the code or card number at checkout. 

Not all retailer eGift Cards can be redeemed online. Please check each Retailers Terms and Conditions before you purchase an eGift Card.

Using True Rewards

Creating a True Rewards Business account is easy and it means that you can send recipients an eGift displaying your logo or any image of your liking onto a digital eGift card.

Just like the 'swap me' card, your recipients can use the fully branded gift to swap it for any of our retailers on the platform.

With a branded eGift card, you can specify which retailers you would like your recipients to exchange the card for, or exclude any brands / retailers that you do not want the card to be swapped for.

The 'swap me' gift card is end-to-end solution. It means every eGift Card you send is fully customised to your business brand and requirements. All branded eGifts can be fitted into the other technology True Rewards provides like the API's and Widgets.

Gift emails are also branded and customised with your business colours, logo or email banner image. Confirmation emails will land in your inbox to confirm the order details and an invoice will be attached.

The recipient will receive a fully branded email with the company name, logo, banner image and company title in the subject line, making your gift unique in what might be a full email inbox.

Business clients can also personalise gift messages and email titles.

Business accounts can easily distribute branded gifts by using our API, Widget and Bulk sending features to deliver 1000+ branded eGifts to recipients.  

Contact us for further information today:
[email protected].

Using True Rewards

The True Rewards 'Choice' eGift card is the ultimate Gift Card for corporate gifts, rewards, customer retention, loyalty and acquisition programs.

This eGift card allows the recipient to choose the eGift Card of their choice. Once the eGift card is received, the recipient has the option to exchange the card towards any of our many retailers.

Using True Rewards

A business account can check out via 2 different payment methods. A business account has the option to pay or assign a Credit Card or Pre-Paid funds (payment floats) from their account.

The True Rewards platform generates automatic invoices regardless of payment method, so no need to locate receipts for each order. Invoices can be download from within the 'Orders' page on the dashboard under your account.

Credit Card
Business users can choose to use a corporate credit card to pay for their order. Gift cards are instantly delivered on the authorisation of the card. If you prefer to use different cards for each order, the platform accepts a different corporate card upon each order. 

Using True Rewards


There could be a few reasons that resulted in your order being unsuccessful. Please see below some of the most common reasons. We would recommend that you contact us if you have an unsuccessful order.

Payment Fraudulent Checking System

We believe in online payment security for both our customers and True Rewards. All payment transactions on our platform are monitored and sometimes good customers get caught up in our fraudulent checking system.

In some cases, due to the payment assessment from our third-party payment providers, we were unable to complete your order. This order may appear as 'In Review' after the transaction is attempted.

Unsuccessful orders do not charge your credit card and no action is required from you. Depending on your bank, a pending transaction may appear on your card statement however this pending transaction will disappear shortly.

You are welcome to contact us regarding unsuccessful orders.


No problems! You can try again (up to 3 attempts). If you have further problems, try linking another card. 


Due to high demand, your order is taking a little longer. Please come back to us in 5-15 mins. If unresolved, please contact us on 1800 850 739.


1. Check your online bank account for $1 (pending) transaction

2. Enter the 4-digit code below and click ‘confirm’

*Please note: The$1  pre-auth will be automatically released back to your card in 7-10 days.


  • Make sure you haven’t missed the transaction because some online bank systems might truncate some of the words and it will show up as: “TR..” or “Digi…” or “Rewa..”
  • Try linking your card again by clicking on the “Having problems? Link another Card” button (which is located on the bottom of the “Confirm Card” screen).
  • Try waiting a bit longer (2-4 hours) and then check again. You can always come back to the "Checkout" page and “Confirm” your currently linked card.

Note: The first 4 numbers are your code - each bank changes how this message is displayed within your online banking.


To reset your password simply do any of the following:

  1. Go to the True Rewards website
  2. Press the "Log In" button in the top right
  3. Click on the "Forgot your password?" underneath the login button
  4. Enter the email address for your account and press "Reset my password"
  5. Locate the reset password email in your email inbox and press "Reset Password"
  6. Enter your new password and press "Reset"

 Or if you are already logged into your account:

  1. Select "Reset Password" under the drop down menu
  2. Enter your new password (and re-confirm your password)
  3. Click on "update" button to confirm


Sometimes the Point Of Sale (POS) scanners at a check-out may experience difficulties in picking up the eGift card barcode on your smartphone.

To fix this issue, simply increase the screen brightness on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can ask for the gift card code to be entered manually or before you go to the store, print out your eGift. 


The True Rewards platform delivers eGift cards instantly. If you are expecting a True Rewards eGift Card, but cannot locate the "You've received a Gift" email, please follow the below steps. 

  • Check your junk / spam email folders
  • Ask the sender to confirm the email that they have sent the eGift Card to

If you still can't locate the email, please contact us or our Help Centre.


If you don't see a $1 verification code (transaction) straight away under your online banking statement, then give it 5-10 minutes and check again.
The transaction should show up under your statement descriptor as a 4-digit code i.e. "TR XXXX". 

If you still don't see any $1 transaction show up, you can try the following:

  1. Make sure you haven’t missed the transaction because some online bank systems might truncate some of the words and it will show up as: “TR..” or “Digi…” or “Rewa..”
  2. Try linking your card again by clicking on the “Having problems? Link another Card” button (which is located on the bottom of the “Confirm Card” screen). 
  3. Try waiting a bit longer (2-4 hours) and then check again. You can always come back to the "Checkout" page and  “Confirm” your currently linked card.


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