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Incentivise your customers to earn real cashback when they shop with you or on your platform. Join True Rewards and create your personalised cashback offers using digital gift cards!

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Why cashback works

Cashbacks are a proven way to attract new customers, increase sales and build long-term loyalty. With the rising cost of living,  shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to stretch their budget and be rewarded for their shopping.

Consumer benefits

Cashbacks give customers a financial incentive to start or continue shopping with your brand. They give customers instant gratification, allowing them to see the savings they have accumulated through their purchases.

Cashback rewards also offer flexibility in how customers can use their earned cash.

Business benefits

Cashback rewards can provide a positive ROI by building customer loyalty and retention. They can also support your business goals such as: 

  • Increasing sales
  • Generating additional revenue
  • Attracting new customers
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Reducing the effects of business slowdown

True Rewards makes cashback programs easy and effective

Supports Digital Prepaid
Visa & Retail eGift cards

Branded customer 
experience end-to-end

Fast and frictionless
user experience

Exclusive provider of
Web-to-Wallet technology

Reward Staff

Deliver personal corporate gift cards to staff and keep them motivated by acknowledging their hard work with a gift they'll love.

Client & Customer Gifts

Further promote your business, reward loyal clients, attract new customers or increase re-engagement.

Competition Prizes

With a choice from the very best retailers, delivering prizes to competition winners is super easy, secure and cost-effective.

Incentives & Research

Easily reward large volumes of participants instantly and capture accurate data by incentivising participants with rewards.

Set up and connect with our plug 'n' play platform 

Use one platform to power your cashback or loyalty program with our integrated, fully managed and customisable rewards platform.

Set up your cashback rewards with your own branded retail eGifts or a Digital Visa gift card. Our easy plug 'n' play technology, tools and products helps you do this in the easiest and most secure way.

  • Fully personalised and customisable to promote your own brand.
  • Add your Branded eGift or Digital Visa Card for endless creative opportunities.
  • Deliver, manage, track and redeem all from one easy platform.
  • Pay as you go only for what you need.

End-to-end management of cashback promotions

True Rewards, part of the iGoDirect Group, provides the engine and mechanics to get your most complex promotional campaigns working. We coordinate cashback promotions from start to finish, including strategy development, microsite build, redemption process, fulfilment and capturing data after the promotion finishes. We make sophisticated promotions simple. 

Besides cashbacks, we also provide other promotions tools such as:

  • Instant win
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gift with purchase
  • Game of chance

Fully branded experience from web to wallet

True Rewards is the first provider in Australia of Web-to-Wallet - a frictionless way for customers to redeem digital prepaid cards, fully branded with limitless creative opportunities!

In just a few clicks, users can add a digital card straight to Apple or Google Pay from a website, email or branded app. This means no more downloading a new app - just activate it and start spending the gift card instantly!

  • Design your own Digital Visa card for maximum brand exposure.
  • Create a top-of-wallet experience in Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Simple UX for gift card redemption from email or SMS  in a few clicks.

Why partner with True Rewards

  • Free to sign up and with no ongoing fees or charges - pay as you go.
  • Easy to use with flexible, digital, and contactless options.
  • Send in minutes, with instant delivery via email and/or SMS.
  • Customisable to fit your brand, or enjoy fully branded eGift cards.
  • Create a personalised reward with our Digital Visa Gift Card, and let the recipient choose their own reward.

Platform features

  • Access your rewards through our online portal, compatible with all web platforms.
  • Get a Widget on your website that is branded to your business.
  • Or integrate fully using our API to run your consumer marketing programs.
  • Send, manage, track and redeem all from one platform.
  • Customise, personalise and tailor your branded experience.

Ready to know more?

It's time to experience True Rewards, the complete platform for starting, running, and growing your very own cashback rewards program.

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