Woolworths eGift Card

Woolworths eGift Card


Make their day with a Woolworths Store eGift Card, and they can grab what they need on you. Spoil them with a Woolworths Store eGift Card. They can stock up on fresh food and veggies, indulge in chocies or fine cheeses or simply fill up their pantry. So many choices

No expiry.

To redeem your eGift Card in store:
Select eGift Card as a payment method (if you are using the Self-Checkout, this will be under 'More payment methods').

If your eGift Card has a barcode *:

  • Select 'Scan Barcode' and scan your eGift Card barcode at the register (not on the Pin Pad)
  • Enter the 4 digit PIN on the EFTPOS Pin Pad

If your eGift Card does not have a barcode:

  • Follow the instructions on the EFTPOS Pin Pad
  • Enter the in-store eGift Card number (also called in-store code) on the Pin Pad, followed by the 4 digit PIN.
  • You can find your eGift Card barcode, in-store number and PIN on your email

* Please note, eGift Card Barcodes can not be scanned at participating fuel sites.

To redeem your eGift Card online (Participating Online Stores only):

  • Select Gift Card as a payment option.
  • Enter the 19 digit card number, as well as the 4 digit PIN.
  • Please ensure you select 'gift card' in the payment method step, rather than enter the Gift Card into a 'promotion code' field.
  • You can find your eGift Card Online number and PIN on your email.

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